New patterns for the Union and the Confederate sets

We have some important information for you. First of all, this week we will get metal casts from Kazrak. As long as the courier delivers them on time, we will start packing them on Friday. This means that next week we will be able to start shipping your orders containing metal sets.

Secondly, the Union and Confederate infantry miniatures in greatcoats, as well as Highland Brigade, have already arrived at our painter from the Krzywy Pędzel studio and their painting has started. This means that at the turn of February and March we will be able to take photos of them and first start shipping them in March to customers who bought them in presale, as well as start regular sales.

The Scots will join other British sets available in the 6mm scale.

Finally, the most important news at the end. Our forms of ACW infantry are quite a few years old and have been used to cast thousands of stripes of infantry. They are naturally more and more worn out. As we inspect cast figures before we pack them for you, we have to discard more and more of them. Accordingly, we decided to make new forms. We have already declared some time ago that we will continue to produce both metal and resin figures and we stick to that. The Union and the Confederates will therefore receive new infantry designs (including infantry in firing/skirmish positions), as well as gunners, cannons, cavalry and artillery. Masters for these figurines will be created using 3D technique, so they will match the proportions and shapes of our latest resin miniatures. The figures themselves will be cast in metal. Gradually, the rest of the Union and Confederate sets (e.g. dismounted cavalry) will also be converted into new patterns.

This process will take some time, so please be patient, as after this shipment, which I mentioned at the beginning of this post, until new masters are created, there will be no restocking with the old pattern figures (so this applies to ACW Corps sets, Union and Confederate infantry, including shooting positions, of cavalry and generals).

The new Union and Confederate infantry will be as good in detail as the Iron Brigade.

Canons for the Union and Confederates will be 3D printed resin, because the metal cannons consisted of several parts that had to be glued together. Cannons are printed in a single piece, so it takes much less time to prepare them for painting.

This French mountain gun is 3D printed in one piece. Just remove the supports and it will be ready to paint!

The new infantry sets will have more variety than the previous ones, so you will surely like them. There will be as many as 3 officer patterns!

The new designs will have the level of detail you know from our latest miniatures, so we guarantee that their quality will reward you for the moment of waiting. We want to provide you with the most beautiful designs of Union and Confederate infanty in 6mm scale. Hope you will like them 🙂