Russian Cruiser Varyag in 1:1200

Today we are pleased to present another model for the emerging game Gods of War: Togo. This is the Russian protected cruiser Varyag, the hero of the Battle of Chemulpo Bay in 1904. The model will be available in 1: 1200 scale, as will other ships for the game.

Varyag in 1904.

Varyag displaced 6,500 tons, was slightly over 129 meters long and almost 16 meters wide. In terms of length, therefore, it was comparable (slightly shorter) to pre drednought battleships. The elongated silhouette made it easier to develop higher speeds (in comparission, best pre-drednought battheships could sail up to 18 knots). He could sail with maximum speed of 23 knots. Its main armament was 12 152mm cannons, over 20 lighter caliber cannons and 6 torpedo tubes (separated on the bow, stern and sides).

Varyag was badly damaged in the unequal battle he fought with the Japanese cruiser squadron in the waters of the Chemulpo Bay at the very beginning of the Russo-Japanese war. The crew did not want it to get into the hands of the opponent, so they decided to set it on fire and sink it. Varyag has become a ship – a symbol, a fearless warrior who fights overwhelming enemy forces and never gives up.

In the game, Varyag will work best as a “hunter” of destroyers and other smaller ships. It can also cope with other protected cruisers. However, it is worth keeping it away from armored cruisers and especially – battleships.

We present the Wariaga model in the pictures below (click on the picture to enlarge it).