Borodino class battleship

Today we are pleased to present the graphic design of the next battleship for the Gods of War: Togo naval wargame. Ladies and gentlemen, here is the pride of the Russian Imperial Fleet, a Borodino class battleship in all its glory (1: 1200 scale).

Battleships of this class were modeled on the earlier type Tsesarevich, with slightly larger displacement and stronger secondary armament. Borodino was the most numerous class of Russian battleships in history, as many as 5 were built, although the last of them – Slava – was no ready in time to participate in the Russo -Japanese war.

The other 4 ships of this type are: Borodino, Imperator Alexander III, Knyaz Suvorov and Oryol.

Armed with four 305mm caliber guns of Russian production, a number of medium and light artillery, as well as torpedo launchers, with armor up to 254 mm thick, capable of reaching 18 knots, was a serious opponent for every battleship of that time .

The model will be available for playing in Gods of War: Togo – our emerging system of fighting in the sea in the nineteenth and early twentieth century. Together with the Japanese Mikasa it will be one of the game’s starter sets. Te see Mikasa please click the link:

Who wants to cross half the world and prove to the Japanese that the Russians are the best warriors also in the sea?

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