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Below you will find a guide on how to paint the army of His Majesty Queen Victoria. It should be treated as a basic information that will allow you to paint your units. The color diversity of the British Army, especially the Hussar and Colonial units, was enormous. We encourage you to conduct your own search on the internet and paint your miniatures in the colors of your favorite regiments. In this respect, we recommend the website http://www.uniformology.com/00-MAIN-MENU.html and also numerous galleries on Pinterest.

With the release of new units, we will also add them to this guide.

The miniatures were painted by Nutka Paints.

Red – scarlett blood from Vallejo
Black – negro from Vallejo
Blue – azul intenso from Vallejo
Green – camo bright green from GW

White color (belts, etc.) should be painted at the very end, after after application of wash, because the red wash will turn pink, with black it will look gray, etc.
The colors of the uniforms are so bright so for the details (eg belts) to be clearly visible the color contrast should be as high as possible. (Nutka).

Spis Treści


The set contains 4 poses. One of them performs in a gala uniform, the other three in coats, one of which wears a Kilmanrock cap.
Caps and hats black, pompons white. Kilmanrock cap may have a golden wrap.
Jacket and coat: A red gala uniform, with a blue sash, a gold belt, stripes and epaulettes. Coat – blute, coats, golden epaulettes.
Pants: Black.
Shoes: Black.

Infantry and Canadian Militia

The uniforms of British infantry and Canadian militia are practically the same. For our needs – to make them easier to distinguish on the battlefield, the militia wears backpacks. British “line” infantry also has infantry in shooting poses, appearing in front of the first row, which also shows that it has the “light infantry” feature.
Black shako, with a white tassel and a gold “dot” in the middle.
Red jacket, white stripes, a white pouch and a sachet for percussion caps (in the middle of the breast). Black backpack.
Pants: Black.
Shoes: Black.
Drummers: Yellow drums with white finishes, bronze flag poles (wood color).

Royal Marines

in 1860’s and 1880’s Royal Marines uniform were similar to line infantry uniforms. Below we present some example uniforms in shakos and pith helmets.

Source: Wikipedia.


The Sepoys in the 1860s in India were divided between the armies of the three presidencies: Madras, Bombay and Bengal, the most important of which was the latter. The regiments had different colors, ranging from red, identical to the British army, through various shades of brown, beige, yellow or green. The pictures show three different color versions of the regiment.
Turban: Green, black, red, yellow, gray – different colors.
Jacket: Like turban. Here we presented a version with a red, green and brown uniform. Brown or white belts (with a red uniform).
Pants: Jacket-colored or black (especially with a red uniform).
Officer: Like British line infantry.
Drummers: Drum as in line infantry, the rest like the other sepoys.

Hussars, Yeomanry and Patrols

Hussars from the eighteenth century belonged to the most colorful type of European cavalry. This was still the case during the period covered by the “Rule Britannia” supplement. In addition, the aristocratic horse militia, or Yeomanry, often wore hussar uniforms. Our patrol sets also use these uniforms.
Again, we encourage individual searches on the Internet, where you can find a lot of examples of colors of individual regiments.
Bearskins black with a white bag (we also recommend a red one, many regiments have worn it).
Blue/ navy blue jackets with braiding (ornaments on the jacket). It’s best to make them as horizontal lines on the front of the jacket. White belt.
Pants: Same as jacket. Sabretache depending on the regiment, for example, red (7 and 11 regiments).
Shoes: Black.
Saddles: Brown.

Armstrong Gun

Cannon: Gray or wood-colored gun carriage, barrel color of metal, metal-colored wheel rims.
Gunners: Uniforms similar to hussars. Navy blue jackets, white belt, gold trim. Blue pants, black shoes. Bearskins black, red bags, on them.

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