Our miniatures

The miniatures of soldiers fighting each other are our love. Especially the small scale that we want to show you today, allows you to recreate the historical appearance of entire armies and, above all, makes players feel like they are participating in really great battles. On this page we would like to tell you about our miniatures. Therefore, we invite you to travel together around the world of six-millimeter soldiers.
If you want to see all available miniatures and buy them, please visit webpage of our retailer and wholesaler: www.bolter.pl (available in English, shipping worldwide).

[PL] To jeszcze nie jest wielka bitwa, a na zdjęciu widać prawie 800 figurek!
[EN ] It’s not a big battle, still there are about 800 miniatures there!

Our armies

The mid-nineteenth century was an amazing period in the history of the military, full of very dynamic changes. With some exceptions (the Civil War), it is a scarcely exploited period in historical vargaming. Our goal – through our games and miniatures – is to complete this “white spot” on the market.

So far, we have introduced miniatures for the ACW Union and Confederate armies , Great Britain for the 1850’s1860’s and colonial wars of the 1850’s and 1860’s, and the French for 1854-1859. Further armies are planned – they will complement this historical period, and perhaps other periods as well.

What distinguishes our miniatures?

From the beginning of our activity, the main premise is to produce high-quality miniatures. There are many different miniatures on the market from this period, so we wanted to create a product that would stand out with its quality. Let’s look at our Union and Confederate infantry. They have a great detail that will make them look beautiful on the battlefield!

The small scale allows you to recreate the more historic look of entire units – the number of ranks, the arrangement of soldiers, etc. In pursuit of maximum realism, we decided that our infantry sets will have a separate drummer strip, which should be placed behind the unit. They did not walk in the front row, because in the event of death there would be no one to beat the rhythm to march. Hence, in our infantry sets, the drummers appear in separate strips.

Of course, all the strips have grooves between the miniatures, which allow them to be easily disconected.

We also really wanted the horses to look realistic. Therefore, the preparation of new sculptures of these beautiful animals took many months. More than once all the work was thrown into the trash. In the end, we’ve created horses that look as close to their real counterparts as possible.

Metal sets for the Union and Confederate armies are packed in durable blisters with labels that contain basic information about the composition of this set. Blisters provide greater security for miniatures, especially those made from resin.

The figurines that we manufacture fit in size to those produced by the largest manufacturers on the market. So if someone already has a large supply of previously purchased miniatures, they can be mixed to create a greater variety in the player’s armies.

Some 3D designs of our miniatures.

Metal miniatures

The first lines of figures we created were Union and Confederate units from the American Civil War. In 2022 thanks to our Kickstarter campaign we changed them to new patterns. The new miniatures are 3D designed, 3D printed and then cast in metal, which is a flexible and durable material. Our later miniatures will be only 3D printed resin.

3D print – resin

In the summer of 2019, after more than a year of trials, we produced the first sets printed in 3D technology. We were the first manufacturer in the world who produced 3D printed 6mm scale miniatures of the same or better quality than metal models. You can read more about this technique and figures here:

Porównanie figurek. Po lewej figurki metalowe, po prawej drukowane. Comparision of miniatures: left OLD metal cast, right 3d designed and 3d printed resin

The next miniatures that appeared in our offer were the British for the period from the Crimean War to the mid-1860s. They were also metal miniatures. Thanks to our Kickstarter campaign, we changed them to new patterns.

We also produced 3 siege artillery sets for the American Civil War: the 200-pound Parott cannon, a 4.5-inch siege rifle and a 13-inch seacost mortar. These are unique miniatures in a 6 mm scale.

We also have miniatures for the French army (1854-1859).

Where to read more about individual sets and where to buy them?

Bolter.pl is the retailer and wholesaler of our miniatures. The page is in English and they are shipping worldwide. You can find a description of every set on their webpage.


Ships in 1:1200 scale

Along with the preparation of a new system for naval warfare
(Gods of War: Togo – more can be read here: http://www.gmboardgames.com/blog/en/gods-of-war-togo/)
we started work on ships in 1: 1200 scale. The first two ships, USS Cairo and CSS Sterling Price, were carved and cast in resin. The next ones are already designed on a computer and printed.

Our assumption is, as usual, high detail and simplicity of preparation for the game. The ships consist of only a few elements, which can be quickly prepared for painting and glued.

Below are some illustrative photos.

Become the most famous commander in history!