Finish of the 2019 campaign

From February till November we played a campaign, set during American Civil War, with some “what if” additions. The players tried to conquer territories. It started well for Confederacy, but then a couple of Union victories turned the tide. When the British declared war against the US, they seized o foothold on Cuba, and fought for the control of vital state of Maine. Ultimately the Union was able to conquer Virginia and Richmond and second Union army invaded Canada and took Toronto. Although the British stopped further Union advance and tried to seize New York, they were unable to win. Union army from Virginia attacked North Carolina, where the French Forces joined Confederates. The allies fought off the Union attack.
By the end of campaign the Union was victorious – they won most battles, and seized most territories.
It was fun to play. Next year we are planning to run another campaign.
The photos are from our last battles – for North Carolina and New York. The rules are Gods of war: Robert E. Lee. We showed them this year at Joy of Six and Crisis (we are translating the rulebook to English).

Final points from battles:
Union: 51
United Kingdom: 27
Confederacy: 18
France: 5

The Union also won when counting points gained from territories.

Map, showing the situation at the beginning and end of the campaign.

Wyniki poszczególnych bitew i przebieg kampanii można zobaczyć szczegółowo na jej stronie:

Individual points of best generals.

Nr.PlayerNationPoints +.Points -.BattlesAverage points
3Maciek P.US101061,666666667
3Wojciech O.CS101052
4Wojciech K.UK9651,8

Some players played with different armies, their point are separated.

Congratulations to all players who took part in the campaign – thanks to your active participation the game can develop. Of course, we plan another campaign next year.

We invite you to view the gallery about the last two battles of the campaign (click on the image to enlarge it).