Campaign 2020

Spis Treści

General principles

We’re launching the campaign to Gods of War: Lee! As usual, every player who plays a battle anywhere in the world and writes a battle report about it, accompanied by some photos, has an impact on the course of the campaign. Details can be found in the regulations (will be published near the premiere of the English rules).

The campaign will conclude at the end of 2020. Players compete not only for points for their game nation, but also for the title of best general.

Link to regulations (to be published near premiere):

CAMPAIGN MAP (click to enlarge it):

Table of generals

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Table of countries (02.Aug.2020)

Points scored in battles:
France: 18
United Kingdom: 13
Union: 13
Confederacy: 3

Points scored for conquered territories:
France: 3
United Kingdom: 3
Union: 0
Confederacy: 0

Other points:
United Kingdom: 1 (Mr. Jakub won the painting contest)

Total points:
France: 18
United Kingdom: 17
Union: 13
Confederacy: 3

Lakota Sioux and Russians are currently excluded from the campaign (until their Army Books will be released).


14.Feb.2020 Battle of Guatemala

Torgill (FRA) vs Wojciech K. (UK – main army). 1:1

Size of armies: 1500$

A draw – UK invasion repulsed.

22.Feb.2020 Battle for Rupert’s Landing

Wojciech K. (UK) vs Adam K. (Union).

Size of armies: 1500$.

2:1 – small UK victory (Wojtek K.).

23.Feb.2020 I tournament in 2020 “Winter maneuvers”.

Maciek P. (Union) vs Wojtek K. (UK). Battle of Minnesota 1:1.
Draw, Minnesota still in Union hands..

Bombel (UK) vs Adam K. (Union). Battle of Maine 1:2
Small Union victory.

Bombel (UK) vs Maciek P. (Union). Second Battle of Maine. 4:0
Decisive UK victory. Maine ownership contested.

Wojtek K. (UK) vs Adam K. (Union). Second Battle of Minnesota. 0:4
Decisive Union victory. Minnsesota defended.

Size of armies: 1500$.

Map at the end of February.

08.March.2020 Battle of o Lady Creek (Maryland).

Confederates (Krystian, Dardzin) vs Union (Torgill, Duder)

3:0 victory for Confederates. (Dardzin and Krystian gain 3 points for each, but Confederacy as a nation 3).

March. Battle of Nuevo Leon

Torgill (France) vs. Dardzin (Confederacy)

Size of armies: 1500$

4:0 decisive French victory. Nuevo Leon contested.

March. Battle of Collina Importante (Sonora)

Torgill (Francje) vs Maciej P. (Union)

Size of armies: 1500$

4:0 decisive French victory. Sonora contested.

Map at the end of March

Covid-19 pause

June. Battle of Missouri

Torgill (France) vs Duder (Union)

Size of armies: 1500$

3:0 big French victory. Missouri still neutral.

Map in the middle of June

July. Battle of Cherryburg (Maine) (04th of July 2020)

Torgill (France) and Witold (UK) vs Duderson (Union) and Maciek P. (Union).


5:0 Union victory. Union retakes Maine.

August. Battle for California (01.Aug.2020)

Duderson (Union) vs Witold, Bombel, Wojtek K (UK).


4:0 British victory. Great Britain conquers California!

Campaign map – beginning of August.

September. “Glorious Fields” Tournament (27.09.2020)

All battles 1500$

Duderson (Union – Army of the Potomac)
Wojtek K. (Great Britain – Colonial army)
Bombel (Great Britain – Main army)
Radek (Great Britain – Colonial army)
Witold (Great Britain – Colonial army)
Torgill – playing ref. (France – Army of the Orient).

Duderson vs Wojtek 4(+1):0 (31:9) (Duderson gains one additional point for winning challenge).
Torgill vs Bombel 4:0 (25:4)
Witold vs Radek 1:2 (7:14)

Duderson vs Torgill 1:2 (9:18)
Radek vs Bombel 2:1 (11:4)
Witold vs Wojtek 2:1 (17:10)

Tournament table:

  1. Torgill 6:1 (43:13)
  2. Duderson 6:2 (40:27)
  3. Radek 4:2 (25:11)
  4. Witold 3:3 (24:24)
  5. Wojtek 1:6 (19:48)
  6. Bombel 1:6 (8:29)
Campaign map – beginning of October.

November. Battle fo Missouri (10.11.2020)

Duderson (Union) vs Torgill (France).


4:0 Union victory. Missouri is contested.
For fictional purposes (the battle was played on a desert mat), we called it the Battle of New Mexico.

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