Gods of war: Robert E. Lee

Gods of war – Robert E. Lee is a historical wargame, set in time of American Civil War and mid 19th century. You can play battles from Bull Run to Gettysburg but also from Solferino to Sedan. We will publish additions with many armies from mid 19th century.

The players use 6 mm miniatures (we produce our own sets of ACW miniatures, see: http://www.bolter.pl ). You will command your troops as a commander in chief of entire army. Your main task will be to manage your generals. You can have an excellent battleplan, but if you will have bad subordinates, then you plan will fail. You have to also be careful about your commander’s character, passive commander is not a good choice for an offensive. Imagine Jackson instead of Ewell at Gettysburg and you will get the point.

You can try to create some rosters with our Army Builder:


We also play a league, mini – campaign and tournaments in Poland. Here you have more information about it:


The game is scaled to easily play huge battles, so one infantry and cavalry stand is one brigade, one artillery stand is on brigade or battalion of artillery. Because of the focus of commanding many things like combat or movement are simplified. As a commander in chief you don’t bother about tactics of regiments or individual brigades, but you will watch the performance of entire corps, and divisions.

The rules are easy to learn, the Polish version rulebook got 90 pages (the English one should have approx. the same).

The rulebook had it’s premiere on September 2017. We are currenty translating it into English, and hope to finish our efforts soon, despite great delays.

A short movie from the battle of Gaines Mill, that shows how our game works:

Below we present many pictures, presenting the rulebook, cards, and game table.

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