Call to arms! The most important info for the last 12 hours

Dear backers and followers of our Kickstarter campaign.

Less than 12 hours left until its end.
Thank you for your wonderful support!

Since there is not much time left, we would like to provide you briefly with some of the most important information for the last two days of the campaign:

 We have added two new pledge levels today. The first is Chief of Staff. For the amount of 110 EUR (with an additional 5% discount), the pledge covers all materials containing the rules. We believe that this collection will satisfy all backers who want to know our rules and according to them play their battles regardless of the scale of their miniatures.

The second is General of the Army – the huge collection which includes all sets of both sides of ACW (each one x1), free unlocked miniatures, the rule book and an expansion with historical battles (Bull Run to Fredericksburg). Additionally, only for this level of support there is a special figure of President Abraham Lincoln (on horseback).

More information about these new levels in previous update:


For everyone who bought 6mm scale figures and will play our game, we would like to remind you that the bases are not a part of the blister packs (but are included in the corps sets and patrol blister packs). That’s why we encourage you to buy our HDF bases for the miniatures (6x3cm for infantry and cavalry, 3x3cm for artillery and generals). In any doubts – read the description of each chosen item or contact us.


For anyone who chose a corps set intending to start to play using “GoW: Lee” rules and enlarged it with any additional units we highly recommend to take a blister of generals. After all, “Lee” is a unit command game and generals from the corps box will be enough only for the units from this box. Patrol markers are another essential feature of our game and it’s always good to have nice looking miniatures instead of some cardboard tokens! 😉

 Are you worrying that you want to play ACW using our rules but you or your friends have miniatures in another scale than 6mm? Up to 20mm it shouldn’t be a problem! With the same basing for both sides you should be even able to play with different scales of miniatures. More here:

 Have you told your friends in the club or hobby shop about our campaign? It’s always better to play in a group. This is the last moment to share our campaign!

 Thank you once again for your support and let’s kick off the last two days of our campaign!

All the best!

GM Boardgames team