What do I need to play Gods of War: Togo?

On this page, you’ll find everything you need to play Gods of War: Togo.

How to start?

All sets for Gods of War: Togo can be purchased on the website of our publisher and distributor – the Bolter.pl store. LINK, and in some cooperating stores.

To get started with the game, we have three different options:

  1. Purchase of a two-person starter. LINK. At the moment there is a Japanese-Russian starter available, but others will appear as well (it’s worth checking the Bolter website). WARNING. For the time beeing a rulebook is in proces of translation into English, so a two person starter has a Polish language rulebook. Please wait till mid 2023 for a premiere of English version of the rulebook.
    This starter contains:
  • Rulebook.
  • models of ships for the Japanese fleet in 1:1200 scale: battleship Mikasa, armored cruiser Kasuga/Nisshin, 4 Hayabusa torpedo boats (we put them 2 on each base).
  • ship models for the Russian fleet in 1:1200 scale: Borodino-class battleship, Admiral Ushakov-class coastal defense battleship, 4 Bujnyj-class destroyers (we put them 2 on each base).
    These ships are enough to create a list for $1000 ($ is used as points in the game). We create schedules in the fleet creator: LINK.
  • cards for these ships. Some of them (Kasuga/Nisshin, Admiral Ushakov/Admiral Apraksin) can be configured in two different ways – depending on what artillery turrets you place on them. Turrets for both configurations are available in the kit.
  • protective sleeves for these cards.
  • gunnery tables (to check how on which roll we hit the enemy).
  • HDF bases for these ships. Information about which ship should be placed on which base can be found here: RUSSIAN FLEET, JAPANESE FLEET, AMERICAN FLEET, SPANISH FLEET. There are also assembly instructions, such as how to place artillery towers or boats.
  • a set of command dials for ships (8 A orders and 8 B orders).
  • special speed and turn rulers – for two players (i.e. two speed rulers, etc.).
  • a set of markers for marking damage, e.g. fires, etc.
  • 20 d6 dice.

Is that all I need to play? Practically yes. In addition, you will also need:

  • Tape for measuring the distance of shots (in inches).
  • something to mark damage/destruction on ships. This can be done, for example, with a black marker (that’s why the ship cards are in sleeves), but also in another way, as long as it is legible for the player and the opponent.
  • a blue blanket or a special mat on which we will play our battles.
  • opponent for the game 🙂
    To assemble the ships, we will also need pliers or a scalpel, glue and paints. Information on how to prepare ships for painting can be found here: LINK. And how to paint them, here: LINK.

A two-person starter is the most financially advantageous choice when it comes to starting your adventure with the game.

2. Purchase of a fleet starter and additional accessories. They are available on a special page with starters and accessories: LINK. It allows you to assemble a fleet for about $1500 (points).
Starter packs contain ships (other than in a two-player starter), ship cards and ship covers, bases, and a set of commands. The fleet starter is the perfect option to expand our fleet after purchasing a two-person starter. However, if we want to start our adventure with naval wars in this way, we need to buy a few items purchased separately, which are available here: LINK.

  • Rulebook (along with gunnery tables that are attached to it).
  • speed and turn rulers.
  • a set of markers.
    Of course, here we will also need an tape ruler, a marker to mark the damage of ships, a blue blanket/play mat, dice, and an opponent 🙂

This method of starting the adventure with the game is less financially advantageous than a two-person starter, but it gives us a larger fleet that we can command.

3. Purchase of individual ships and additional accessories. LINK. Individual sets contain the model, its base, ship card and protective sleeve. So we need to add to it:

  • rulebook (along with artillery tables that are attached to it).
  • speed and turn rulers.
  • a set of markters.
  • command dials. Typically, we won’t need preorders for every model we have, we’ll only be using part of our collection to play. We need as many of them as we will use during the game (remembering that each ship must have two dials A and B).

Of course, here we will also need a tape, a marker to mark the damage of ships, a blue blanket/play mat, dice, and an opponent 🙂

This is the least financially advantageous start to the game BUT the most flexible, and it also allows you to gradually buy more game elements when you are unable to buy a large starter at once.

I already have models and accessories. What’s next?

There is a lot of information on our website, YT channel or FB group that will help you start your adventure with the game. It is worth knowing the following places:

Most important informations are posted at http://www.gmboardgames.com/blog/
Most news appears on our FB page: https://www.facebook.com/godsofwarseries/
It is also definitely worth knowing the series discussion group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/615266705289069

We highly recommend our YouTube channel, where you can find battle reports, video guides, rules, painting and tournament reports: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLKxNuMLKe0wv7O-2F4901g

To see how the roster is created and to create your own, we recommend visiting our fleet creator website: http://www.gmboardgames.com/togo/ab/

Additional 1:1200 ships for Togo and game accessories can be purchased via our distributor’s website, Bolter.pl: https://bolter.pl/pl/c/BOGOWIE-WOJNY-TOGO/1787.

Since the naval military of the second half of the 19th and early 20th centuries is not a well-known period in history, we have prepared a special page where you can find recommended literature: http://www.gmboardgames.com/blog/literatura/

How to prepare models for painting – this is what you need to read before you start cutting ships from brackets:

Ship Painting Guide:

Armada Española:

Nippon Kaigun:

Rossiyskiy Imperial Fleet:

United States Navy:

Transport ships:

We will be happy to answer your further questions – it’s best to ask them on the FB group.

Happy naval battles! 🙂

Explanation of the rules and review of the game on the Berdysz channel.
Battle report.

Become the most famous commander in history!