THIS day has come! We are pleased to announce that during this year’s Pola Chwały (Fields of Glory) con in Niepołomice, on Saturday, September 24, at 12.00, Polish version of our new game will have its premiere: Gods of War: Togo.

The place of the premiere will traditionally be the castle in Niepołomice, near Kraków, Poland. The premiere of Togo is part of the greatest history, reenactment and wargaming event in Poland, i.e. the Fields of Glory (Pola Chwały).

Our tables will be ready on Saturday from 10.00. We cordially invite you to learn how to play Gods of War: Togo, but also Gods of war: Lee – you will also be able to become a general of a great army!
At 11.30 we will stop teaching how to play to be able to prepare for the ceremonial premiere, to which we invite you at noon. After the premiere, from 1 p.m. we invite you to another training games of Lee and Togo.

At 17.00, we encourage you to participate in the reconstruction of the historic battle of Santiago de Cuba. Will the Spanish squadron manage to escape the Americans? Or maybe they will boldly attack the overwhelming opponent? You will be able to check it by becoming the captain of one of the ships.

On Sunday, we invite you from 10.00 to training games of Lee and Togo.

Most importantly, there will also be our publisher’s and distributor’s stand –, where you can buy Lee figurines, Togo ships, and various other accessories.

Although we have to translate our rules to English, the ship models will be available right from the premiere.

We cordially invite you 🙂