Gods of War: Togo Kickstarter campaign

It is with great pleasure that we would like to invite you to take part in the Kickstarter campaign for the naval wargame Gods of War: Togo. ⚓🎲

In this thrilling wargame, players will command their own ships, leading them to victory in historic battles such as the Battle of Tsushima and the Battle of Santiago de Cuba. The rules are exciting and easy to learn, and playing this game is guaranteed to bring you and your friends a lot of good emotions. 🔥

We are proud to offer four fleets to choose from: American, Spanish, Japanese, and Russian, all complete with intricately crafted 3D printed resin models in 1:1200 scale. Whether you’re looking to command the powerful ships of the Imperial Japanese Navy or take control of the American fleet, we’ve got you covered. 👍

To bring this exciting game to the English-speaking world, we need your support! We will be starting a Kickstarter campaign to publish our fantastic Royal Navy models from predrednought era. It’s up to you how many of these models you can create. In addition, our goal is to finance the publication of the English version of the Gods of War: Togo rulebook. Get ready to experience the excitement of naval warfare like never before, and join us in bringing Gods of War: Togo to life! 🚢

START: June 1, 2023 at 20.00. 🕗

Campaign page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bolterpl/gods-of-war-togo

We’ll be sharing more details about this campaign in the coming weeks. Get ready for exciting news 🙂
We encourage you to support our project and secure your copy of the game and models!