New ships and markers available on Gamefound!

Dear backers and followers.

As we promised, five new ship models have appeared on Gamefound pledge manager – one for each fleet. They were not previously available on Kickstarter, so we decided to make them additionally as a thank you for the great support of our campaign. These vessels will certainly be an important addition to the diversity and capabilities of each available fleet.

Available are:

American Bainbridge-class destroyer.

Russian Forel-class (Vnimatelnyi) destroyer.

Japanese 39-go torpedo boat.

Spanish Ariete-class torpedo boat.

British torpedo ram Polyphemus.

In addition to the ships, we have prepared one more novelty – a set of accessories for the game, containing a special weather marker, thanks to which we can determine the direction and strength of the wind, as well as sea buoy markers, needed for some scenarios. The marker is universal – it will be useful both in the future for any sailing ships, and now – because the weather affects the behavior of ships.

Additionally, we will add two additional types of markers to each set of markers that we have not written about before. They concern the ship’s strong list and damage to the engine room. These will be effects that may occur after hitting a ship with a torpedo. Even though they were not on the markers list before, they will be added to every set that has these markers.

We will also add these additional markers to orders for all players from Poland who took part in the Kickstarter campaign and will need these two new ones. For players who did not take part in the Kickstarter campaign, these markers will be available for purchase for a small amount (of course, they will also be available in the general set of markers after the campaign ends).

Gamefound dates. Due to the fact that we added new ships a little later than planned, we decided to extend the operation of Gamefound.

An important point – everyone who closes their pledge by the end of October will have their sets sent first. Gamefound itself will be open until November 19 at 8 p.m. CET – anyone who closes Gamefound in November will receive their order second – we will complete and send first those orders that were closed by the end of October.

Full steam ahead!

Bolter & GM Boardgames team