Sale! Figurine white ravens.

Today we guarantee you an amazing opportunity! With the start of the Kickstarter campaign, we decided to create new figures for Gods of War: Lee. The old ones, which were created mainly by Leszek Czarnecki (and Marcin Szymański, who made dismounted cavalrymen), had slightly different proportions than the figures we create in the 3D technique (as well as figures from other companies that create figures on this scale). We wanted our entire line of figures to be more uniform and more fitting. In addition, their forms slowly became more and more worn, which caused additional problems in production, and our aim is to provide you with the best quality figurines. The production technique has also changed, from hand hand sculpting to 3D design, which allows us to achieve much better details.

We have a huge sentiment for these old designs. These were absolutely the first figurines that GM Boardgames created (cast like the new ones – at Kazrak). Previously, we used 1:72 scale figures, using third-party sets. That is why they remain deeply in our heart as one of the most important stages in the company’s development.

Something ends, something else begins – in autumn you will get new models of figurines that have entered production thanks to the Kickstarter campaign. However, there are still some old designs in our inventory. We can safely say that they are UNIQUE now. They will never be produced anymore, so if you don’t get them now, there won’t be any more opportunities to get them (outside of the aftermarket). These figures will therefore become white ravens. They will exist as long as the players who purchased them have them.

Therefore, we are announcing the sale of old designs! To additionally encourage you to buy them, we discounted these specific products by 20% 😉 It includes all metal Union and Confederate sets of older design (not counting the siege artillery). You will find them here:

ATTENTION! We reserve the right to modify / cancel your orders if your order sets beyond stock – we simply won’t have a way to complete them 😉