We have completed the English translation of the Gods of War: Lee rulebook!

We have very good news for all English-speaking sympathizers of mid-19th century wars in the 6mm scale.
We have finished the translation of the rulebook for Gods of War: Lee into English!
This, of course, is not the end of work on this text. A great team of proofreaders from several countries around the world checks the quality of this translation and the clarity of the rules. Here, too, a lot has already been done. After completing this work, we will still have to do the DTP of the book.
This makes us happy to confirm that the English version of the Gods of War: Lee rules will be available this year!
Basic information (in English) about the rules of the game and what is most important in them can be read here:

We also invite you to see the battle report from the Battle of Gaines Mill, played according to our rules. It contains subtitles in English.