First Polish Championship in Gods of War: Togo

On Saturday, September 23, during the Fields of Glory convention, we held the first Polish Championship in Gods of War: Togo.
Twelve great admirals competed for the title of best fleet commander. And there was something to compete for, because in addition to the ships and accessories of our production (which each player received!), you could win a special set of buoys, but above all, a large model of the Mikasa battleship on a scale of 1:350, and most importantly – cups, called golden, silver and brown Sinksink ­čśë

However, it was not the prizes that were most important, but meeting people and, above all, the opportunity to fight as many as four battles in one day in a friendly atmosphere full of good humor.

Each round was full of surprises and twists. At the end of the third round, the situation among the leaders was very even and several players had a chance for the final victory. The final winner and Polish Champion in Gods of War: Togo 2023 was the winner of many other tournaments, Rafa┼é “Sigthorn” Wo┼║niak! Congratulations! So the Golden Sinksink goes to Sosnowiec in Poland.
The first runner-up was one of the youngest, extremely talented players – Franciszek Paprocki.
The second runner-up was Pawe┼é “Pablito” Kukli┼äski, who was just starting his adventure with Togo, although successful in other games.

Congratulations to the winners and thank all players who took part in the Championship. We also greet everyone who visited us then. We hope it was a lot of fun for you and that we will see you at the next Polish Championships in 2024. And these – as reported by various squirrels – have a chance to take place in spring in Wroc┼éaw or nearby. We cordially invite you now!

Below is a link to the results on Tournykeeper: