Special announcement about Kickstarter campaign

First of all – we would like to thank you for your valuable comments!The amount of various remarks and suggestions – both from ordinary players and from people already very experienced in running such campaigns – gave us a lot to think about.

We do not hide that the fundraising we are preparing is our first venture of this type for each member of our team. Thanks to your opinions and the knowledge you wanted to share with us, we have significantly broadened our perspective on the expectations of potential participants.

Despite many warm voices about the project, at the moment we believe that we should spend more time preparing the campaign. Therefore, we decided to postpone the start time.We are aware that we are providing this information almost just before the planned start date, but we are convinced that those of you who are determined to support us will understand our step and support our campaign when the time is right.

We believe that we need to refine our communication even better in order to reach a wider number of interested parties – the higher collection amount will allow us to publish our game in an even better form than we originally assumed – which we all definitely want!

We will soon announce a new start date for the campaign – in any case, it will be the middle of the June. Tick the “Notify me on launch” reminder!

Meanwhile, we are back to intense work!Please don’t hesitate to write to us if you still have any comments, questions or ideas.Stay warm, greetings!