Upgraded method of production

At the beginning of July, we informed about the revolution in the production of 6-mm miniatures. After many months of testing and hard work, we achieved then success – we’ve printed in resin 6 mm scale miniatures with the same or even higher level of detail than metal ones.
Today we have another great news for you!

Due to the printing technology, under the base with miniatures there were a small tray, connected to the miniature by a series of supports. All minis in sets were equipped with such trays.
This meant that each time when you wanted to prepare the minis for painting they had to be cut off from the trays. It was also harder to pack them in a blister. You can see how these first series looked like in the photos below.

In the meantime, we have been constantly working on improving production methods, which would reduce the time needed to prepare minis for painting, among others. This is especially important in massive games where you have to paint a lot of units.

Today we are pleased to announce that we have achieved another success – now models without supports! To this must be added that despite their lack, they are as durable as the early version, and at the same time their production takes less time and complications, allowing them to be produced in series.
Below photos of the current version:

What’s more – we managed to further increase the level of detail of the new figures!
Painted, they look like this:

Painting: Rafał Piątek / Bonapartist Paint Studio

New method – lower price!

The new production method has one more, very important advantage – it enabled PRICE REDUCTION!
For example, the retail price of the Canadian militia set was initially 12,14 € . New sets will cost 9,29 € , so it’s almost 3 € cheaper! In general, 3D printed sets will be 15-30% cheaper compared to similar our sets made in metal.
We believe that this will allow you to gather really large armies much faster 😉

Early sets with trays and supports will be available for sale until stocks last. Then they will be replaced by newest version. However, there are only a few such sets in the shop.

What’s more – this is not our last word yet! Soon we will undergo severe tests for further improvements, which – we hope – will pass the exam and improve our figurines even more.


We have prepared a lot of news for the near future, they relate to nations and armies both published and to be published soon.

The British: The army book “Rule Britannia” was released in the spring, which introduced the British to the game. Our graphic designers are working on new units for this nation – there will be a lot of them. The great attraction will be elephants that pull naval guns! Also you will see Naval Brigade, Scottish units, Gurkhas, or guard units. All of them will be produced in 3D printing technology.

The French: An army book “Napoleon III” is being prepared, introducing the French for the Crimean War (1854/55) and Second Italian War of Independence in 1859. Basic sets for this army have already been released. Soon they will be supplemented with unmounted dragoons and infantry in skirmishing poses. A corps starter set for this army will follow.
A set of zouaves is also being prepared.


The Sioux: After numerous perturbations, we finally have resin casts of Sioux miniatures (unfortunately a few are still missing but will be delivered this month). They will be prepared for metal casting soon. This army noted the largest delays in preparation. You need to be patient 😉

The Russians: We have already mentioned this information when talking at different shows recently and today we can officially announce it. The next nation that will be created for our game are the Russians for the Crimean War. Thanks to this, there will be 3 armies that participated in it (we will probably add Turks someday, but it’s very distant future now). We will devote a separate entry for introducing this army.

Gods of war: Togo: We have also some short news about our new game. We’ve finished the alpha testing stage and started writing the manual – 4 chapters have already been created. The game will be very fast and dynamic. We will write about the progress of Gods of war: Togo in a separate entry.

There will be a lot of new products on the upcoming Fields of Glory (Pola Chwały) convention (September 27-29), where we will celebrate the 5th anniversary of GM Boardgames. We invite you to Niepołomice near Kraków – Poland. We are preparing a lot of attractions!

Link to Bolters website, our wholesaler and shop: https://bolter.pl/en_US/c/GODS-OF-WAR-LEE/703