GM Boardgames painting competition – gallery of works

Yesterday was the last day of our painting competition, it was the last day when participants could send photos of painted miniatures. Six participants submitted their work on time. In a few days we will be able to publish the results of the competition – we keep our fingers crossed for all participants. The jury is already working hard assessing the painting of the figurines.
Congratulations on completing the painting, sometimes at the last moment – despite many adversities and time running out, you managed to show your works. Soon your painted armies will win many battles, because as the old proverb says – painted figures fight twice as well as unpainted ones 😉

We are also very impressed with the high level of painting presented by participants. Their works show how beautiful 6 mm miniatures can look!

Here is a gallery of the participants’ works. Click on the image to enlarge it.

MichaƂ DardziƄski
French cavalry.

Mariusz Zawisza
Confederate cavalry and artillery

RafaƂ Raczak
Small British colonial corps

Dawid Kurek
4 divisions of dismounted Confederate cavalry

Krzysztof Kuczerawy
Confederate Infantry Division

Jakub Golec
Bengal Presidency Army