how to order

There are two methods of placing an order for our items:

1. Use Paypal. All items have option "add to a basket" in Paypal. You can add them and pay by Paypal, which is safest and fastest method.


2. Write an e-mail to us, and make a bank transfer. If you don't want to use Paypal, you can write an e-mail to us, specify what do you want to buy, in which quantity and where to send it. We will prepare an invoice for you. After we will receive payment from you, we will ship our items.

Our e-mail is:


Payment by bank tranfer is available only in Euro. Be careful! Do not do any bank transfer before we will send you an invoice in our email correspondence.


International shipment is made with Polish Post. We have flat shipment rate to all countries.


Our bank account in Euro:

GM Boardgames
PL 49 1090 2402 0000 0001 3508 6181


Our Pay Pal e-mail:



You can also buy our products on EBAY. Click the link to find available items: