Summary of 2019 and plans for 2020.

We invite you to read this year’s hottest text on our website. Once again, we summarize our plans, both past and future.

In the text at the beginning of 2019, I described what we wanted to do and referred to what we were able to do the year before. The text is available here.

The experience of working on rulebooks for Lee and Togo, as well as designing many models mean that we will be much more careful with giving exact dates, because their delay is always very likely for many reasons. Above all, we care about good product quality and this is the most important guarantee we want to give to all players.

Let’s start with a summary of last year, and then present what we are preparing for 2020.

Bitwa pod Antietam.

So how did the implementation of the plans from 2019 look like?

  1. Finally, we have finished work on the rulebook for the Polish version of second edition of Gods of war: Lee. All chapters are available for download online. It was a year of very intensive and amazing work. We can also announce with pleasure that the premiere of the paper version of the Polish rulebook will take place on February 23 – during Lee’s tournament in Bolter. You’re welcome!
  2. Last year, we wanted to create new card designs for all available nations and this has been accomplished. Cards are available and collect good reviews 🙂
  3. The Rule Britannia Army Book has been released – introducing the British, there are also free rules for the French (as well as miniatures, cards and armies in our army builder), which allows to play them. In this way, we can fight battles with 4 different nations.
  4. We have started translating rulebook into the English (more on this in the plans).
  5. Grant – has been delayed due to work on Togo, as the sieges are also to be compatible with sea (and river) battles. However, we will release the rules and cards for the Union and the Confederacy (western theater) sooner – just as we did with the French and British. Thanks to this, Union and Confederacy players will gain new armies.
  6. Crazy Horse had a similar delay, both in terms of miniatures, army lists, and rules for the Little War. After many adventures, the miniatures are already in the foundry, we also resumed work on the rules.
  7. In the plans for 2019, the next nations in the queue to release (in addition to the Indians and the army from Grant) were Austrians, Prussians and Italians. There were also plans for Mexico. More about what and how it will be published in Part Two of this article.
  8. We managed to run the entire campaign in which the Union achieved victory. The games were popular in Wroclaw, especially in combination with mega-battles, so this year we will be playing a new campaign.
Fragment of rulebook.

What are the plans and priorities for 2020?

  1. The most important priority is to translate Lee’s rulebook into English. We have a great, professional translator who already conducts work, and trusted proofreaders to help him. We want the premiere of the English version of the rulebook to take place this year. We would like to have the premiere of the English version of the rulebook at the Crisis in Antwerp.
  2. Gods of war: Togo rulebook is the publishing priority. It was divided into the main module “Captain of the Ship” and two additions: “Fleet Admiral” and “Commander of the Combined Forces”. The main module contains the basic rules of the game and it will be first released. “Fleet Admiral” will add rules for entire fleet battles and command. ” Commander of the Combined Forces ” – in conjunction with “Grant” will add sea-land interactions. This publishing method will make players get their game ready sooner than if they had to wait for all the rules together. At the same time, there will be more additions to the game.
    The rules are ready, at the moment you just have to test them thoroughly – recent months have brought a lot of changes. This obviously means a considerable delay compared to the original plan (December), but the game will only work out for good.
    Two epochs will be available: 1. Ironclads, i.e. the Civil War, the Third Italian War of Independence (Battle of Lissa!), The War of Schleswig (Denmark vs Prussia and Austria) or the wars in South America and Asia (e.g. Boshin War).
    2. Predrednoughts – wars from the turn of the century, from the Japanese-Chinese war, through the American-Spanish, to the Japanese-Russian one (Tsushima!). Fleet ships that did not participate in the above-mentioned wars will also be available for each of these eras. It will be possible to check if HMS Warrior would win against USS Monitor or USS Iowa against SMS Schleswig-Holstein.
    Soon we will write a wider article exclusively about Gods of war: Togo and publish more material from the game.
  3. In addition to Togo this year, the most important thing is to finish open projects before we start new ones. This means that Crazy Horse and Grant are in the next queue. Crazy Horse will also introduce the so-called small war rules – they will be 99% compatible with the main rules of the game, but converted into fights on a much smaller scale (companies, not brigades). However, what is important, the statistics of the units will match, so you will be able to try, for example, to defeat the Queen Victoria’s army with a Sioux forces 😉 Will the 7th Cavalry come to the aid? 🙂
  4. New armies – I mentioned in the previous part about Austrians, Prussians and Italians (Piedmont). In the course of long discussions, and above all thanks to the comments of the players, we decided to slightly change the way the army books will be published. Instead of individual army books, each expansion will contain at least two opponents. After completing work on Crazy Horses and Grant, the next planned is Crimea, which will include the armies of Russia and Ottoman Empire. We decided on Crimea because we had already released the French and British army for this conflict, so that all nations of this war will be available (excluding Piedmont). Great people are already working on the initial special rules, generals and units. The earliest one can expect Crimea in the second half, or rather at the end of the year. Similarly, subsequent armies will also come out in pairs (or more), e.g. Austrians and Prussians in 1866, Austrians and Italians in 1859, etc. We have not yet decided yet which Army Book will be published after Crimea. There will be time for that.
  5. We will play a campaign throughout the year. With the launch of the English version, we will also launch a campaign for players around the world. The map of the current campaign can be seen here.
  6. Historical Battles. This year, we’ve already played the biggest battle in the history of our system – Antietam. We will of course continue this cycle, and the next planned battle is Fredericksburg.
  7. Most of the miniatures that we will release will be implemented in 3D technology, where we remain pioneers in introducing it to the 6 mm scale for historical games, but some may also appear in metal. The Indians will have metal miniatures, as also Confederates and the Union.
  8. Events and trips to conventions: This year we plan to be on Crisis in Antwerp and Fields of Glory in Niepolomice near Krakow. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to appear at Joy of Six this year.
  9. In Poland, more and more people are playing Gods of War: Lee. We hope that this will also be the case throughout the world after the premiere of the English version of the rulebook.

This is what the next year is to look like.

His Imperial Russian Majesty Ship BORODINO. Painted by: Nutka maluje.

Finally, we would like to thank you for the great support we experience from you. It provides us with extraordinary energy to work – you are wonderful! 🙂

See you on miniature land and sea battlefields!