Last 48 hours of our campaign! Drake and forts unlocked, Asahi and Tsesarevich ahead of us

Martello towers unlocked ‼💪❤

As always, thank you very much for your support. A set of Martello towers will be given as a gift to every backer at the Bronze, Silver and Gold medal levels. They were a very characteristic element of fortifications in the 19th century and will be useful in your battles. 🏰

The next target to unlock is the Spanish armoured cruiser Emperador Carlos V. 🇪🇸

She was part of Admiral Camara’s squadron that headed towards the Philippines via the Suez Canal, but was returned to Spain’s home waters after the battle at the Battle of Santiago de Cuba. The Emperador, together with the existing model of the battleship Pelayo, will create great opportunities for various “what if?” scenarios regarding the War of 1898. ⚔

We also revealed what will be the stretch goal for the 9000 Euro. It will be the British Drake-class armoured cruiser ‼🇬🇧

This is one of the largest ships of this type in history, equal in displacement to the battleships of the time. His model will be over 13 cm long!

One of the cruisers of this class, HMS Good Hope, took part in the Battle of Coronel in 1914, where she was sunk. Certainly, his model will create an opportunity to play different scenarios, both fictional and historical, also choosing a bit beyond the period to which the game relates.

There are 4 days left until the end of the campaign (we end on Wednesday at 23.59 CET). On Sunday evening there will be information about the late pledge manager. Also, get ready for interesting things in the last two days of the campaign 🙂

Let’s steam full ahead ‼🚢