Christians today start the most important holidays of the year – Easter. Starting from today, we will remember the Lord’s supper, Passion, and then the resurrection of Christ. In addition to the promise of salvation, it is a symbol of a new life and a new beginning. On this occasion, we would like to wish you that in these difficult times you would always have the support of those who love you and give yourself the love of others – the more good, the easier we will cope with all challenges. We also wish you health, patience and that we could quickly return to our hobby. Because in wargaming the most important thing is not the models, painting or throwing dice. The most important is meeting with other people and what memories they leave.
Be healthy and full of good faith.

For the time of Christmas, we will not write anything on our Facebook page, let it be a time of focus and reflection – reducing the time spent on social media will definitely help šŸ™‚